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Kommersant, 11.12.07
Election Results Official, Still Disputed.
By Viktor Khamraev
The Central Elections Commission approved the final protocol on voting in the State Duma elections on Saturday, this confirming the division of power between the parties that became known on the evening of December 3. The fifth Duma, like its predecessors, will contain four parties. The United Russia Party received 64.3 percent of the vote for 315 seats in the Duma, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation received 11.57 percent for 57 seats, the LDPR received 8.14 percent for 40 seats, and Just Russia received 7.74 percent for 38 seats.
Of the parties that failed to receive the 7 percent of votes necessary to enter the Duma, none of the received more than 4 percent, which would have qualified them to receive a 60-million ruble refund on their election deposit, or 3 percent, which would have made them eligible for state financing. Only the Agrarian Party, with 2.2 percent of the vote, avoided having to pay for the free airtime it received on television. Yabloko (with 1.59 percent of the vote), Civic Force (1.05 percent), Union of Right Forces (0.22 percent) and Democrats of Russia (0.13 percent) will have to pay for appearing on television.
All 15 members of the CEC approved the numbers, although Communist member Nikolay Kolyushin expressed a “special opinion” saying that, although he does not doubt the “arithmetic results,” the “methods by which those numbers were reached” seemed illegal to him. After the signing of the protocol, the CEC sent telegrams to the 450 candidates who won places in the new Duma. They have until December 13 to inform the CEC of whether or not they will serve as Duma members. Otherwise, others from the same party's party list will be chosen by the CEC.

The nonvoting CEC members from the Communist Party, Yabloko and Union of Right Forces have stated that they will file suit in the Supreme Court of Russia. They intend to dispute the legality of the December 8 announcement by the CEC. Under law, they say, the final protocol should contain addenda with all complaint filed to the CEC and the commission's decisions on those complaints. The opposition representatives say many of those complaints cast doubt on the results of the elections. “The Communist Party has not received a response to even one of its 90 complaints,” stated that party's nonvoting CEC member Vadim Solovyev.